Use of herbs and medicinal plants in dentistry: a review

  • Bahareh Nazemi Salman
  • Surena Vahabi
  • Mahshid Mohebbi Rad
Keywords: plants, medicinal, phytotherapy, pediatric dentistry


Objectives This study reviews herbs and medicinal plants in dentistry and discusses their biological activities, benefits and side effects.
Review of Literature In this review, the PubMed, Medline and Google Scholar databases were electronically searched for relevant articles and
books in English using the keywords “medicinal plant”, “herb”, “phytotherapy”, “dentistry” and “pediatric”.
Conclusion Medicinal herbs have long been an inseparable part of treatment of various diseases. Today, the range of applications of these plants
is not limited to medical treatment and various types of medicinal plants are used in various fields including dentistry. Increased interest in
medicinal plants is mainly due to less side effects compared to those of synthetic drugs and they are often favored for use in children.